FSM Department of Health and Social Affairs

FSM Department of Health and Social Affairs handed over a Marine Ambulance

The Hon. Marcus H. Samo handed the key to the Marine Ambulance to the Honorable Alexander R. Narruhn of Chuuk State

February 15, 2024 – After a few days of technical training to staff of Chuuk State Department of Health Services on the operation and maintenance of the marine ambulance, the FSM Department of Health and Social Affairs, on behalf of the FSM National Government, handed over the key to a medical marine ambulance to the Honorable Alexander R. Narruhn, Governor of Chuuk State on behalf of HE President Wesley W. Simina.

In handing over the key, Secretary Marcus Samo congratulated Governor Narruhn for his vision to extend medical services to the people residing far from Weno where the hospital and public health clinics are concentrated.  The marine ambulance is a means to provide medical care to the communities within the lagoon.  With its design and capacity, the marine ambulance can transport emergency medical teams in response to urgent need.  Governor Narruhn expressed appreciation to the FSM National Government for its support for Chuuk’s effort in emergency and medical response.  Governor Narruhun also indicated he wished there will be more of this type of marine ambulance or even medical ships that can reach the islands outside the lagoon of Chuuk State.

The FSM National Government acknowledged the World Bank for the funding support and the UNOPS for the procurement assistance of the marine ambulance.