FSM Department of Health and Social Affairs

Mr. Marcus Samo


Dept. of Health & Social Affairs


As a Cabinet member, the Secretary for the Department of Health and Social Affairs is the Chief Health Advisor to the President and has the full authority to execute the laws and regulations of the FSM National Government in health.

Message from the Secretary:


Thank you for visiting our Department of Health and Social Affairs website. Whether you get to this website by accident or to search for a particular information or what this Department does, please spend a few minutes to look through the website and learn what this Department can do for you.

The Department of Health and Social Affairs (DHSA) is one of the executive departments of the FSM National Government. Its mandate is to promote the health and welfare of the people of this nation. To achieve that goal, this Department is organized into two main divisions: Division of Health and the Division of Social Affairs.

The Division of Health oversees the implementation of all the health programs ranging from the prevention and control of communicable diseases (TB, Leprosy, STD) to non-communicable disease (diabetes, cancer, tobacco control related diseases), behavioral health and wellness (substance abuse prevention and treatment, mental health conditions), child and women’s, and immunization programs.

The Division of Social Affairs directs the social development of our youth, sports activities, elderly, and women. With a special lens on gender role advancement, the Division of Social Affairs facilitates implementation of agreements related to human rights on behalf of the FSM.

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Administration Staff

Moses Pretrick

Assistant Secretary for Health

Stuard Penias

Acting Assistant Secretary for Social Affairs

Scott Mori

Chief Operation Officer

Lolla Helgenberger

Administrative Officer

Fancelyn P. Solomon

Financial Specialist

Sylveria Waltu

Executive Secretary

Olivia edward


Swinson Albert


Boards & Committees

(Function: Ensure compliance with laws, regulations and mandates)
  • Nurse Licensing
  • Medical Licensing Board
  • Behavioral Health and Wellness Advisory (BHW) Council
  • Partnership for Success Council
  • President’s National Advisory Council on Children (PNACC)
  • Tobacco Advisory Council
  • Food Work Group

Management Committees and Workgroups

(Function: To carry out specific functions and mandates as directed by the Secretary)
  • EpiNet, SEOC, SEOW
  • Employment Screening Committee
  • Youth Advisory Council
  • Cancer Steering Committee
  • Health Promotion Coalition
  • Institutional Review Board

Office of Support Services

(Function: As core functions of the department, these services must be maintained at all times and they support the operations of the two major divisions of the department)
  • Administrative Services
  • Preparedness, Surveillance and Response (PSR)
  • Technical Support to the States
  • Informatics, Statistics, & Planning
  • Health Workforce Development
  • Coordination of visiting medical teams
  • Procurement, Inventory and Logistics