Modular Isolation Units Handover Ceremony

October 16, 2020– Secretary of the Department of Health and Social Services and Chairman of the COVID-19 National Task Force, the Honorable Livingston Taulung, along with Secretary of Foreign Affairs, the Honorable Kandhi A. Eliaser, joined His Excellency Huang Zheng in a formal handover ceremony of 30 modular isolation units donated by the People’s Republic of China to the FSM. Present to witness the handover ceremony were members from the China Embassy, FSM National Government, Pohnpei State Government, National Task Force, Pohnpei Task Force, and developing partners; along with public media press to capture every moment.

The 30 modular isolation units will be allocated to each State of the FSM; 12 to Chuuk, 10 to Pohnpei which are near completing installation (Shown in pictures above), 4 for Kosrae, and 4 for Yap. Each modular isolation unit is designed with a front door and 2 barred windows (front and back); units are equipped with 2 beds, bathroom with shower, and an AC, which will serve as a quarantine or isolation space for individuals either confirmed positive or person under investigation for COVID-19.

The Honorable Livingston Taulung stated in his remarks about the Nation’s sincere appreciation for the isolation units, extending appreciation to His Excellency Ambassador Huang and those working hard to prepare the FSM for repatriation and maintaining a COVID-19 free status.

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