Immunization Depots

Pohnpei, FSM – FSM Department of Health and Social Affairs (FSM DHSA) Immunization depots, continues to grow at the national and states’ level to accommodate the continued influx of COVID-19 pandemic vaccines and the routine vaccines that are available within the nation.

Through supporting partners; US CDC, WHO, and UNICEF, the program continues to upgrade and maintain cold chain system used to meet all required standards. Vaccines are ordered by the national immunization program through a federal cooperative funding agreement utilizing CDC’s ordering system, which are shipped directly to the national office and then distributed to the four States. Only COVID-19 vaccines are being shipped directly to the States.

The depots started with the capability to store within the normal refrigerated range of 2 to 8 degrees Celsius and have now expanded to cover freezing and ultra-freezing temperature ranges. The Department explores opportunities with outside partners to continue the improvement and maintenance of the cold chain systems to cover all health fields and settings to retain potency and efficacy of all forms of medicine reliant on cold chain.

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