Get Vaccinated FSM

This competition, organized by the FSM Department of Health
and Social Affairs (FSM DHSA), the International Organization for
Migration (IOM) with support from USAID, the Pacific Community
(SPC) with financial support from the European Union (EU) and
U.S. Embassy, is designed to engage people in the Federated
States of Micronesia in the COVID-19 vaccination campaign
through the production of creative TikTok videos addressing
frequently asked questions on COVID-19 vaccines.


1.Watch the videos on the @GetVaccinatedFSM TikTok account.
2. Create and upload to TikTok a 15-60 second video with
#GetVaccinatedFSM, addressing one or more of the frequently asked
questions about the COVID-19 vaccine.
3. Email a link with your uploaded TikTok video to getvaccinatedfsm@

Correct answers to these questions are available on the DHSA website: Feel free to address other aspects of
the COVID-19 vaccines based on correct information from trusted sources, such as:
CDC (, WHO (, and FSM DHSA (
Several types of videos will be accepted: interview, cartoon, dance, presentation,
slideshow, speech, poem or any other creative forms. Be creative! The video
should be no longer than 1 minute.

Beware! COVID-19 preventive measures, especially physical distancing, must
be applied while producing the videos. This contest is about health promotion
and therefore the videos should not include any images of alcohol, cigarettes,
drugs and/or unhealthy foods or behaviors. All submissions, containing rumors,
misleading or inappropriate information will be disqualified.


All current residents of the Federated States of Micronesia. Anyone 17 years or
younger who wishes to enter will have to obtain their parents’ permission before
submitting their entry. Proof of parental consent will be required by the organizers
if your entry is short-listed.


The panel of judges, including representatives from FSM DHSA, IOM and SPC,
U.S. Embassy will decide on the Gold, Silver and Bronze winners. Winners to be
announced on June 8 on the FSM DHSA, IOM, SPC and U.S. Embassy social
media pages.

Videos will be judged on:

•Adherence to the theme: Support and focus on the COVID-19 vaccination
campaign in the FSM
•Composition (in line with the correct information and answers to FAQs)

Most valuable player (MVP) prize will be given based on the highest amount of
shares participant’s video has gathered. Note the prizes may not be contested
by the winners, who cannot claim their equivalent value in money or in any other
form, or any replacement or exchange.


Submit your videos from May 7 to June 6, 2021


Add your video to TikTok, using #GetVaccinatedFSM and email a link to


Gold: loot worth $1000+
Silver: loot worth $900+
Bronze: loot worth $800+
MVP: loot worth $900+

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